Friday, January 25, 2008

5 Vultures

you know you are really sick when you look out your back window and see 5 huge vultures lurking in your yard. I wish I had my camera but that would have entailed me climbing a flight of stairs which at the moment isn't possible. Nasty flu.

till later ~~ dene

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Up next

The last pair of socks that are on the needles are the Savannah socks. I've started several different socks using this yarn until I finally settled on this pair. The cuff is very stretchy with the lace ribbing. I continued ribbing down the instep for better fit.

(as always - click to embiggen)
Project details:
Pattern: Savannah Socks by Lisa Parker. Published by Wildhorse Farm Designs
Yarn: Opal Uni in turquoise
Needles: size 1 bamboo double pointed.

After this pair is done, then I can do some stash diving to find the next pair. It will be nice not to have any UFO socks. Not that I don't have plenty of UFOs, though! I'm also working on some sweaters and lace projects.

Last night, I set up the embroidery module on my Bernina 730 and stitched out this appliqué:
This is a test stitch-out - I've never machine appliquéd with this machine before. I learned several things with this including the need to use spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the stabilizer. Also, heavier stabilizer will be needed to keep the stitches from shifting (see issue with boy's sleeve). I have 12 files to do all 12 months of sunbonnet kids (this was February obviously). I hope to do a quilt for my grand-niece.

Till later ~~ Dene


The Not-Inside-Out Socks! are completed.

Project details:
Pattern: Inside Out! by Kaci Kyler Hays. This pattern was part of the Rockin' Sock Club that was offered by Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Medium Weight. Color Lagoon
Needles: foot on size 0 and cuff on size 2 US
Modifications: I didn't knit the cables on the cuff as they made the sock too tight and I could not get it over my heel. These socks were knit toe-up using a garter stitch short row toe and heel. The foot was knit on size 0 and the cuff on size 1. Since I didn't change the # of stitches you can really see what effect needle size can make on striping of the yarn. These socks are nice and thick - very 'cushy' yarn.

till later ~~ Dene

Friday, January 18, 2008

A is for .....

Abstaining. So many of the knitters whose blogs I read are participating in an ABC along. I tried in 2006 and didn't make it very far (I just looked - I made it to E and then abandoned the project). So I'm abstaining from the pressure to do a blog post about something every 2 weeks that starts with a specific letter. I do enjoy reading the posts and experiencing the creativity, but I'm sitting this one out.

Finished are the Not Inside Out socks and I'm working on the last pair of UFO socks that were on needles. I'll post progress as soon as the sun returns so I can get a decent pix.

till later ~~ Dene

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Still digging out the UFOs

Another project started last year and now finished! I present:

Ringwood Pattern sock

Pattern: Pattern: Loosely based on the Gentlemen's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern by Nancy Bush. Found in Knitting Vintage Socks.
Yarn: Opal Handpainted color #13
Needles: Size 1 bamboo double points
Started: sometime in 2007, finished 1/11/2008

I love the pattern, I love the yarn but hate the color. The red/greens/golds and browns in this yarn appear 'muddy' except in certain light. I'm glad these are done and out of my UFO pile.

I rummaged around in the UFO box and dug out the next pair of socks to work on. I give you:

The Not Inside Out! socks.

Pattern: Inside Out! by Kaci Kyler Hays. This pattern was part of the Rockin' Sock Club that was offered by Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Medium Weight. Color Lagoon
Needles: foot on size 1 and cuff on size 2 US

I liked the pattern until I hit the cuff and all the cables. This pulled the cuff in so much that I could not get the cuff over my heel. If I moved up to a size 3 needle, I lost the stripes and got horrible color pooling. So I ripped back to the heel and moved to a size 2 needle with a straight k2 p1 rib.

I hate the color btw which is why they have been languishing in my UFO pile. I just need to knit the second sock to finish this pair out.

I also pulled out a newborn sweater that just lacks sleeves. I'll post project details soon.

till later ~~ Dene

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I can dream can't I?

I noticed on my bloglines page that I have 125 blog feeds that I follow. Wow! no wonder I don't have any time lately. Most are knitting blogs but there are also categories for church issues, technology, travel and quilting. But the favorite category are the food blogs I follow. I can't eat most of what I see, but it is fun to dream about homemade oreo cookies or maple banana bread! So that you can enjoy along with me, these are the ones I follow:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks! This site has wonderful homestyle cooking with fantastic step-by-step photos and instructions. I want to live in her kitchen!
Smitten Kitchen another site that has fantastic step-by-step photos and instructions. Home of the homemade oreo cookie recipe.
Cookie Madness OMG - this site has sinfully tempting recipes.
Cupcake Bakeshop Ditto for cupcakes.
Cooking for 2 Great site for adult-type recipes for those of us empty nesters.
Slashfood News about food. Great for links to other sites - most of the ones I've found came from this site.
Serious Eats Another news/trend blog.

Any suggestions to add to the list?

till later ~~ Dene

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Neverending project list

I've pulled out 2 more knitting projects to work on. Both were started last year and are about 60-75% done.

First off is a prayer shawl I'm knitting for our church's Prayer Shawl Ministry. I've completed 8 pattern repeats so far and think it will probably take 11 to 12 to finish. As is, it takes me about a half hour just to do one row since it increases each row.

Pattern: Alix's Lace Prayer Shawl by Myrna A.I. Stahman.
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool - I love the subtle variegations in this yarn.
Needles: Size 4 Addi Turbo circulars

Also dug out of the project box is a pair of socks that are about 75% done.

Pattern: Loosely based on the Gentlemen's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern by by Nancy Bush. Found in Knitting Vintage Socks.
Yarn: Opal Handpainted color #13
Needles: Size 1 bamboo double points

I like the pattern and the yarn but have a hate/hate relationship with the colorway. The yarn has reds, browns, greens and golds and close up in the right light just makes my heart pitter-patter, BUT the yarn comes across muddy in most light and from a distance. I've tried about 4 patterns with this yarn only to frog the project because the colors pooled or just didn't fit the pattern. I finally decided to just knit it up and live with it.

Till later ~~ Dene

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First FO of 2008

My first finished object for 2008 is the Waving Lace socks for Joan:

Project details:
Pattern: Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark. Found in Favorite Socks from Interweave.
Yarn: Regia Bamboo Color 1065. Purchased from Twisted Yarns in Spring Texas
Needles: Size 1 (2.25mm) bamboo
Size: Generous 7.5 US Womens
Notes: I knitted the socks exactly to pattern with the scalloped top. The pattern was easy to memorize after a couple of repeats and easy to knit. I would recommend!

Also progress has been made on the Mary's Own quilt:

The 16 blocks have been pieced together and the top is now 72x72". Since it is square and not large enough for a king bed, I have some decisions to make as to how to finish it out. I believe I'll add a plain border with 4 more pieced blocks as a pillow topper at the top of the quilt. I don't have enough of 2 of the fabrics (the darker brown being one of them) but I have other fabric that is 'close'. I'm going to go ahead and piece the additional blocks and then see how it looks.

till later ~~ Dene

Friday, January 04, 2008

What's on the design wall today

Taking a peek today: (as always, click to embiggen):
Making progress on the Mary's Own quilt. The quilt is made up of 18" blocks and will be set 4x4. There are actually two blocks that are mirror image of each other. I've finished 8 of block A and am working on the 8 block B's. Using your imagination, you can sort of see what it will look like :) The blue fabric pinned to the design wall is a possible border - I've pinned it up there to audition.

The Waving Lace socks are about 2/3 of the way done. The recipient was over last night and tried on the finished sock. They fit perfectly so it is all speed ahead on finishing these up hopefully this weekend.

My life is settling down into a less hectic routine. We had our small group over last night so yesterday was spent cleaning and cooking. I made a huge pot of beef stew (turned out yummy!) and strawberry pound cake for dessert. I even hung some pictures which have been sitting on the floor since the remodel was done 2 years ago. I keep reminding myself that small baby steps is best.

Today I had lunch with a former co-worker. Had fun and it was good to catch up on quilting projects and family.

Now the huge question today is .. what is worse to watch on TV... political coverage or Brittney Spears being loaded into an ambulance? *sigh* I think I'll watch DVDs.

Till later ~~ Dene