Monday, March 30, 2009

View of a Room

My sewing room just got crowded with the addition of a new machine. I am now the owner of a HandiQuilter 16 with a Pro-Stitcher on the Studio Frame. I only have it set up for 8 feet right now but eventually I'll have to find the room for the last 4 feet of frame.

So here is a peak of my sewing space:

This is just half of the room - the other half is my office which is too messy to photograph right now. If you need a legend of what is what, click the following picture to embiggen:

And some detail photos:
This is my new machine - HandiQuilter 16 with Pro-Stitcher computer. Yes, another windoz machine has invaded my sewing space. This machine was a store demo that I purchased - I've actually been demo'ing this machine at work for 7 months and I finally bit the bullet. I've sewed one small quilt on it using the computer. It was made with old fabric and is now a "dog quilt" - Curley loves it :)

This is the wall where I expanded the shelving to accommodate all my magazines, UFOs and other stuff. The drawers have fabric and yarn in them. Please note the sleeping cat in the box. Also of note are the fridge and coffee pot. I may never go downstairs again .. well, yeah I will - no shower up here :)

Said sleeping cat (CH Denebir's Xandria aka Andi):

Every quilt room needs an empty box for a cat. I also have a quilt on top of the Isacord cabinet for the cats to lounge on in the afternoon when the sun hits that window.

Now I'm waiting for my Bernina 830 to come in. I have the table, all the accessories, etc ... but no machine yet.

till later ~~ Dene