Sunday, July 30, 2006

I also Quilt

I know that all of my blog in the past 6 month concerns knitting, but I also quilt. I use to quilt a lot, now not so much. But I have so many UFO's to count so now that the remodel is finished, I decided to dig out something to work on.

First up is a top that I started maybe 2 years ago? It is my own design and only lacks the outer borders. I plan on doing a few flying geese in the corners and the rest will be the blue print. Can you tell I like Americana colors? You can see more of my quilts on my very out-of-date web site . OMG - I just realized I haven't updated that site in 3 years .. shesh!

I also pattern test for Quilters Cache. Marcia has threatened promised to put me back to work this week :)

Till later ~~ Dene

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Harlot Trek

What a great day! After getting up at 6:30 am after a night of little sleep (that part wasn't great), I was off on a trek to Austin from my home NW of Houston. It is about a 2.5 hour drive so isn't that bad. I had a book-on-iPod to keep me entertained. My mission was to attend a lecture and book signing by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee the Yarn Harlot. It was her only Texas appearance on this book tour so I just had to go see her. (All pictures are clickable for large).

I arrived in time to get great seat in the Baptist church across the parking lot from Hill Country Weavers, the host for the event. I had to smile since Stephanie spoke at a Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque on Thursday and here she is now in a Baptist sanctuary. That didn't deter her story about willie warmers, though :)

I had to take a picture of her taking her picture of the audience with her sock. That blurry black thing in the front is my sock. Stephanie's talk was hilarious, full of her wit and wisdom (wait, not sure about that one) and was well worth the drive to hear her. She loved Austin's motto: "Keep Austin Weird" which about sums up the city.

Afterwards, I was lucky enough to get in the second group for the book signing. It was great to actually talk to her and tell her my cute story about Black Sheep Gathering. Oh? you haven't heard that one? When hubby and I were checking into the hotel in Eugene last month for the fiber gathering, the couple checking in before us asked why all the hotels were taken. The clerk replied that there were several conventions in town including one called the Black Sheep Gathering. They asked what that was and the clerk replied that she thought it was some group of bad motor cyclist dudes. I didn't correct her.. LOL.

Anyway, the sock and I had fun and got our picture taken with Stephanie and her sock. BTW - this is my 3rd Trekking sock for the summer Trek Along With Me knit-along and is in color 104. The second pair attended also but were on my feet so didn't get in the picture :) I'll post pics of them once they are washed and photgraphed.

The Hill Country Weavers is a fantastic shop. VERY crowded after the lecture but less so after lunch. I am on a bit of a fiber diet so all I bought were a set of Brittany Birch needles for a swap and 2 pairs of size 2.5 (3mm) Crystal Palace DPNs. I hadn't seen that size before. Oh! and some wool wash for my pal also.

After we left HCW's, the sock and I ventured over to The Quilt Store in north Austin. It was fun to see some of the new fabric lines but with my huge stash at home, I decided not to purchase anything.

Overall was a super day and the weather was hot (104 heat index) but cloudy. Here is a Saturday Sky for Sandy:

Till later ~~ Dene

Monday, July 24, 2006

Am I a prude?

I'm no spring chicken - having lived 50+ years on this blessed earth, I've heard or read about every profane word in the English language and several other languages on top of those. My job for the past 8 years has involved coordinating and moderating live chat and message boards for all ages so very little shocks me. But it doesn't mean that I enjoy reading it nor do I choose to.

But today I unsubscribed on Bloglines to one of my favorite knitting blogs. I have read this blog for a long time and have enjoyed both the knitting content and the personal lives of the authors. But I draw the line when an author spews a rant using numerous profane words. I will defend her right to do so, but I also make a personal choice not to expose myself to this behavior.

Does that label me a prude? If it does, then I will wear this title proudly.

Till later ~~ Dene

Velvet Moon

I've been a member of the Socks That Rock sock club since the beginning and have finished the first 2 projects offered. I have to admit, that I like the lightweight yarn that they offer for socks but I'm not too wild about the medium weight.

The second project, Rock 'n Weave, was sent with some medium weight STR in a color called Fairgrounds. Think cotton candy, bright banners, whirling colors. It is a nice but I have so many 'pinkish' socks that I decided to switch yarns. I had a skein of a color called Velvet Moon already in balls so I used that instead of the Fairgrounds. I think the sock turned out nice but I also know it will not be one of my favorites. It is a bit heavy weight and doesn't flatter my thick ankles. But was a fun knit and that counts.

This month's socks is an anklet in a pattern that sort of reminds me of interlac, but isn't. I've not cast on yet because I already have on the sock needles:
1) Trekking socks
2) Lattice socks
3) Opal Brazil socks
4) Sock Candy dragon socks
5) Opal Masterpiece socks

Not that I don't have more needles.... but maybe I should finish up some of these projects first :)

Till later ~~ Dene

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What I bought on Vacation

Believe it or not - I've not unpacked the yarn I bought on vacation in June. I've kept it all in one bag so that I could take a picture for my blog before I stored it away in the storage drawers. So, now I can unpack!

This is what came home with me from OR/WA/CA:

Left to right, lower row:
-Cashmere! from Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm in Bellingham, WA. Enough for a couple of scarfs in a natural brown.
-Baby Alpaca lace weight from Sporfarm in The Dallas, OR. Enough for a nice shawl in a variagated grey.
-Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiberarts 4 skeins - Rose Quarts in Med Wt, Lovers Leap in Lt Wt, Blue Brick Wall in Lt Wt, Rare Gems in Lt Wt. Yummm!
-Accessories - Crystal Palace bamboo dps, Sheep tape measures, stitch markers. (mostly for gifts)

second row:
Cascade 220 - red - found on sale and couldn't pass it up
Opal Lollipop sock yarn color 1016 rainbow colors
Meilenweit Multiringel sock yarn color 5030 - reds/greens/black
Sock Candy by Blue Moon Fiberarts - turquoise. 100% cotton sock yarn
Cap pattern with Fancy Image yarn in greens/browns
Blue Jeans cotton yarn - 3 skeins

I shopped at:
Fancy Image Yarn in Shelton, WA (blue jean yarn and hat kit)
The Yarn Corner in Aberdeen, WA (Opal and bag not pictured)
Coastal Yarn in Cannon Beach, OR (Sock Candy and Med wt STR)
The Wool Company in Bandon, OR (Meilenweite and Cascade)
Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR (everything else)

We also stopped at a couple of other yarn shops where I didn't purchase anything.

I'm overwhelmed at the amount of yarn I own. But that feeling only lasts a second :)

Till later ~~ Dene

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where I've been in the past 3 weeks

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I posted. I thought it was only 2 :)

Where have I been? Well, it seems I go from one consuming event to another. In June it was the vacation - I wish I was still there. The week after we returned, I had some major work issues that I had to deal with that consumed my week. Then the next shoe dropped.

My Dad needed me. You have to realize that I'm a Daddy's girl - I always have been. My Dad can make me cry by looking at me in a stern gaze, he can make me laugh by wiggling his ears, and I worship the ground he walks on. But, in the past year, he has been battling kidney disease and has been on dialysis 3x a week since last fall. At 81 yrs old, this has resulted in him loosing mobility and sometimes his mind.

My Dad lives in Dallas and it is 3.75 hours from my doorstep to his without traffic. My sister has been looking after him and my mom since she lives 5 minutes away from their apartment. But, she reached her limit with dealing with him and needed a vacation from my Dad. DH and I went up over 4th of July weekend and stayed 3 days. We had to be home on the 4th so that I could put DH on a plane to Russia on the 5th. I also drove up to Dallas the past 2 weekends alone. So, with traffic, that is about 24 hours in the car for the month of July. My son will go up this coming weekend so I can have some time at home.

That plus 40 hours of work a week has left me drained and spent. I have been knitting at night, though! I finished another pair of Trekking socks and have started a 3rd. I've been working on the Mountain Stream scarf and a Booja bag for a swap. I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them.

So, hopefully, I can update my blog and show you more pictures from the trip soon.

~~ till later, Dene