Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nothing but "no net"

I'm infatuated with the summer Olympics! I love it all except for an sport that involves a net. I started reviewing which sports I'm watching and realized that if the sport involved a net, I wasn't interested. Very strange. No basketball, volleyball (beach or otherwise), hockey, badminton, or table tennis.

I love the swimming (except for water polo which involves a net)! Go Michael Phelps! I'm amazed at his accomplishes and hope he can win the remaining 3 golds he is going for. And wasn't Cullen Jones just the cutest?

I love the gymnastics although I think China's gold in the woman's team event is tainted because there is no way these athletes are 16 years old. Shawn Johnson is amazing and so positive about herself and her team. And I ached for Alicia Sacramone when she fell off the beam. The guys were amazing! I was upset when Raj Bhavsar didn't make the original team but cheered him on as the guys won the bronze against all odds.

I love the equestrian events and was thrilled that Gina Miles won a metal. And even the Kayaking and Canoeing events are super - Love the Togo kayaker that won the bronze - the first for his country.

So that is what I'm doing these days - watching the world compete against each other. My Olympic knitting is a pair of socks that I ripped back half way last night after realizing they were too long (toe up). Have I mentioned that I don't like knitting toe up *sigh*.

till later ~~ Dene