Friday, July 31, 2009

Five on Friday

Well, since it is obvious that I've neglected this blog for way too long, I'm going to strive to post at least once a week and see how that goes :)

Since last Friday,
1) I've had to put my dear cat Starkitty to sleep. He had been battling diabetes for a long time and had been on insulin for over a year. We had 12 good months with just a few setbacks but he began to decline this month and when he stopped eating and drinking over the weekend, I knew it was time. We spent some time together saying goodbye late Sunday evening and I sent him on to better things on Monday morning. He was and will always be my "heart kitty".

2) I actually embroidered 2 things! Small things .. LOL. One was a small cross that I digitized on a piece of church linen and the other was an apron for our church's cook. I did work on digitizing an applique but could never get it right so a co-worker had to show me how. I learned some new things!

3) I persued a new serving opportunity at church. I can't talk about it at this point because there is still some people I need to discuss it with but I'm excited. I've been praying about it and hope that I'm discerning God's voice correctly. It is still in the very early stages but I'll keep you informed.

4) I found a china pattern I *LOVE* and put it on my Amazon list .. OK kids - have at it! It is totally not something I would have normally picked but I find it so appealing. It is called "Chirp" by Lenox. I have china that I received when I was married but never really have loved it like I do this stuff. And I never have the need for china .. but you know, it is a girl thing :)

5) Lastly, I got to talk to my daughter in Thailand. She had called on my birthday about 2 weeks ago but then she called again to relay her sympathy about loosing Starkitty. It is so good to talk to her and realize that she is OK half way around the world. I am so glad she is going to get to come home for the wedding in October and I'll get to spend some time with her.

OK .. small start to posting :)

till later ~~ Dene