Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where I've been in the past 3 weeks

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I posted. I thought it was only 2 :)

Where have I been? Well, it seems I go from one consuming event to another. In June it was the vacation - I wish I was still there. The week after we returned, I had some major work issues that I had to deal with that consumed my week. Then the next shoe dropped.

My Dad needed me. You have to realize that I'm a Daddy's girl - I always have been. My Dad can make me cry by looking at me in a stern gaze, he can make me laugh by wiggling his ears, and I worship the ground he walks on. But, in the past year, he has been battling kidney disease and has been on dialysis 3x a week since last fall. At 81 yrs old, this has resulted in him loosing mobility and sometimes his mind.

My Dad lives in Dallas and it is 3.75 hours from my doorstep to his without traffic. My sister has been looking after him and my mom since she lives 5 minutes away from their apartment. But, she reached her limit with dealing with him and needed a vacation from my Dad. DH and I went up over 4th of July weekend and stayed 3 days. We had to be home on the 4th so that I could put DH on a plane to Russia on the 5th. I also drove up to Dallas the past 2 weekends alone. So, with traffic, that is about 24 hours in the car for the month of July. My son will go up this coming weekend so I can have some time at home.

That plus 40 hours of work a week has left me drained and spent. I have been knitting at night, though! I finished another pair of Trekking socks and have started a 3rd. I've been working on the Mountain Stream scarf and a Booja bag for a swap. I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them.

So, hopefully, I can update my blog and show you more pictures from the trip soon.

~~ till later, Dene

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wendy g said...

So sorry to hear of your Dad's health problems. I can't imagine how hard it is for ypu since you live so far away too. Sending good thoughts your way.