Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let them eat PIE!

I'm going to a Christmas party tonight with a group of 5 couples and I'm to bring the dessert. Normally, I'm a great dessert maker but lately I've had to modify my recipes to cut the sugar out and I'm finding it difficult to get the same results.

So I give you:
The Christmas Pies

On the left is the mandatory (at least according to my husband) Cherry Pie and on the right is a Lemon Meringue. I found the recipe for both over on the Splenda site. I have my doubts about the lemon but we shall see.

The bags hold the goodies for the gift exchange which is the first year we have done this. Should be interesting. I'll reveal contents tomorrow in case there are wayward eyes looking in.

For my first day unemployed, it was busy. I started the day at church for morning prayer and then did lots of errands including the post office (BIG surprise - no lines!), grocery and Vets. I know .. really good blog content there. The best thing was the hour I lounged while listening to the latest This American Life. Life goes on and the sky didn't fall in today. So all is good.

till later ~~ dene


Starwind said...

I'll take a slab of cherry, please! Hope you love the new recipes.


~Tonia~ said...

Oooo the pies look good.