Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Great Pretenders

I have just a few TV shows that I follow regularly and one of my favorites is Grey's Anatomy on Sunday evenings. Tonight, 2 of the gals swore to become celebate and instead of men, took up knitting. Now it appears that Izzy can knit but Meredith - well, it was obvious that she was a rank beginner. I love this button that Good to be Girl made:

And yes, I knitted on baby socks during the episode!

This morning at church, one of the lay ministers asked me if they could borrow some of my knitting for a skit at the ministry fair this afternoon. I had baby socks in my purse on some size 1.5 double pointed needles but I didn't want to sacrifice them. So I told her I would bring back something a 'bit larger'. This afternoon while watching a tape of House I knitted up the beginnings of a scarf with some very old acrylic on size 8 straight metal needles. It is a good thing I did - the gal that used the knitting in her skit didn't know a thing about it and just by pretending dropped stitches in the middle of the thing. Nothing lost, though.

This week will be busy with work - first of the month means a round of reports to write. I'm also having a dinner at my home on Tuesday with 4 other couples and my hubby comes home from Russia on Thursday. While he is home this time we will be planning our vacation in June - we hope to do a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest for about a week.

Till later ~~ Dene


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the relief I felt on looking at your stash and realising that the yarn I chose for your socks is *not* in there!

I had a little trouble with the heel, having chosen a toe-up-pattern, and resorted to short rows, but I hope they fit (they are now knitted). They look pretty, and a couple of my knitting group are feeling inspired by them (positive reporting, yay!)

I'm based in the UK, is there anything foody that you'd like me to send over with the socks e.g. tea bags, fudge? Or shall I just pick something at random?



Elspeth said...

My mom does Hula Dancing lessons and one of our neighbors asked to borrow one of her expensive grass skirts -- then later she realized it was for the *husband* as a joke. She was really not happy she gave them something expensive, so you were lucky you thought ahead of time with your own gorgeous yarn stash!