Monday, April 10, 2006

~~~ Waving from California ~~~

Yes, I flew back out to San Jose this morning so that I can do some training for work and also to visit my friend who is ill. It is good to be back but I miss my hubby already. He just got home from Russia last Thursday and here I go leaving him again. I should be home on the 19th.

Just so people don't think I dropped off the face of the earth with my Sockapaloooze pal, I *AM* working on it! I've started 3 different socks for my pal and think I have a winner this time LOL. I started some Jaywalkers in Socks That Rock but it was in the medium weight and with it being spring, I didn't want a heavy sock. So I started some garden trellis socks in an Opal Uni (Turquoise) but I think they are turning out too large. Soooooo.... I'm now doing the Pomatomus Socks in a discontinued Opal - Cool Ocean 223. I *love* this pattern!

Since I'm staying in a hotel this trip, I should be able to have time to finish these up before I head home. I'm also working on more baby socks for the Longest Line charity. I still have leftover odd-ball yarns to knit up. I'll shoot a picture when I get home.

BTW, some knitting bloggers are EVIL .. EVIL I say! They are such enablers .. ROFL. Susan traded some yarn with me and I scored! I received a skein of prototype Opal in red, 2 skeins of Wildfoote in a wonderful variagated red, and ... and .. she threw in a skein of bright pink mohair so that I can knit her Mountain Stream Scarf. Of course, I had to cast on immediately and made it through one repeat of the body. I love this pattern! No pictures yet since I left it in Houston so that I would be sure to finish my Sockapaloooza socks. It was hard to leave it .. it went in/out of my bag several times. I kept telling myself I was out here to work and needed to finish the socks for the swap first.

I plan on visiting one knit shop while I'm out here - CommuKNITy in San Jose. I'll let you know how it goes.

Till Later ~~ Dene


susan said...

Oh, dear; evil! ;)

Debi said...

Lovely socks Dene! I wish I was your sock pal :)