Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year Y'all !!

Things are settling down at the Dene domain and I'm finally able to get back to blogging. The Daughter and The One-that-married-The-Daughter are on their way back to Virginia and we are home from our short trip to Dallas. All that is left are 2 slices of ham and the Christmas decorations :)

The last project of 2005 was completed on the drive home yesterday. Sometime last month I found an easy scarf pattern on someone's blog. It was a simple 2 row repeat and I just jotted down the pattern without remembering whose blog it was on. Of course, now I can't find it and I apologize to the owner of the pattern for not posting credit. If you know whose pattern it is, please leave a comment.

and as modeled by Curly-Dog

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden in the most awful colorway that I have ever seen. I had bought 8 skeins on eBay and started a Clapotis out of it till I realized how much I hated this color. So 4 skeins went into 2 of these scarves which will be gifts for some office workers of my husband's in Sakhalin Russia. The other 4 skeins go back into my stash for a future project.
The first projects of the new year are the FLAK knit-along Aran Sweater and to finish the socks for The-One-who-married-The-Daughter. I'm on the leg of the second sock. Pictures soon!

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Talitha said...

Hey, I'm making that scarf! It's the "My So Called Scarf" from Sheep in the City's blog.

I love the stitch pattern! It's so simple, but so fun to do and it's just plain fascinating to look at. I'm doing mine, coincidentally, in the exact yarn it was orginally done in: Manos del Uruguay in colourway 113 Wildflowers. Your dog looks so proud. I can just see Curly-dog throwing it over her(?) shoulder in such a haughty manner. Good job!