Saturday, December 10, 2005

It started off rocky but got better!

Yesterday I dutifully knit 2 more swatch squares for the Follow The Leader Knitalong. One was in the Peruvian Highliand wool that I pictured before but this time on size 7 needles. The second was with Cascade 220 in a lovely navy blue. Both came out with the correct gauge! I dutifully washed the swatches last night and layed them out on the counter overnight to dry.

When I arose this morning and stumbled into the kitchen, I noticed that the swatches were missing. The navy one was on the floor but the purple one was gone! I suspected it was one of The Cats but nobody was talking. Looking around the house produced no swatch until I noticed Tia Kitty. She was trailing my swatch! Apparently the game last night was 'shread the swatches' and she had one tangled in her back legs and tail. Now this is the kitty that can't be caught so the chase was on. I finally was able to step on the swatch and that stopped her. After a few minutes of de-tangling, she was free and my now hairy (4 white longhair cats - enough said) swatch was saved. I won't be recycling this yarn for sure .. LOL.

Tia Kitty admits nothing - see how angelic she looks? I had to laugh because the swatch that was tangled was the purple one and Tia is a Lilac Point Birman. She must like the color.

To relieve the stress of the incident, a trip to my local yarn shop was in order. Stash enhancement is always a reward :) Look at the haul!

Included are 11 skeins of Arauncania Nature Wool in a lovely variagated cranberry, Size 6 and 11 bamboo Clover needles, Size 7 Addi Turbo circulars and 2 books :) I bought myself the new Yarn Harlot book by one of my favorite bloggers Stephanie. I also brought home Nancy Bush's new Vintage Socks book that I just love. Merry Christmas to me :)

Two of the other brats kitties look on with approval. More yarn to get hairy!

That is Nicki on the left and Andi on the right. Nicki is the mother of both Andi and Tia who were from the same litter about 5 years ago.

Remember the socks I am knitting for The-One-who-married-The-Daughter? I thought I was designing something new but I found that the pattern I'm using is a variation of the Lozenge pattern in Nancy's book. Who would have thunk? The difference is that I'm just putting the pattern up the sides and not all over. I guess with a finite number of pattern stitches, duplicates will occur.

I'm off to swatch the Araucania!

~~ till later ~~~ Dene


Mareike said...

The cats looks really beautiful :-)
Have fun with your new blog!


AngeliasKnitting said...

I just discovered the Araucania Nature Wool. I used it on a felted bag - it felted beautifully. And I loved watching the color variations. Can't wait to see what you make with that yarn!