Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Klutz and Christmas Pillows

I was such a klutz last week. The day after I sliced off a bit of my thumb I got my middle finger of the same hand caught in the bobbin of my machine.... don't ask ... dumb mistake. Anyway, I had 2 fingers bandaged and then singed a third on that hand using the pressing sheet with the iron.

Did I give up? NO! (call me stubborn!)

Result of the last 4 days of sewing (and also don't ask why I'm doing Christmas in March/April!)

These pillows are designs from the "Star of Wonder" embroidery set by Nancy Halvorsen of Art to Heart. They are put out by OESD but I've not been able to find them on the internet. They were available at my local sewing store It's a Stitch.

Close ups:

Bethlehem - the first and probably the hardest one to do in my megahoop due to the constant repositioning of the hoop during stitch out.

Wise Men - I had a little trouble on the color of the final camel. The design called for Isacord thread but because of a delay in shipment by a company that won't be named, I had to use my collection of Medeira thread. The software converted the colors but somehow the final camel translated into a not-so-lovely green color. I had to change him back to brown.

Shepherds - this was by far my favorite of the pillows - wonder if it is because I love sheep?

Nativity. So sweet with the cow and sheep :) Joseph turned out a bit greener than I wanted though.

Gloria - can't have a heavenly event without at least one angel. There are 2 more in the set but 5 pillows is probably enough to round out a set.

I have more fabric and may do some more pillows for gifts once my Isacord thread arrives. It will be interesting to compare the stitch translations between the 2 brands.

I've been learning more and more about the embroidery machine as I use it. I had to laugh because at one point, I set up my Bernina 153 machine and was sewing pillows together as the 730 stitched out designs. It was quite a production.

I stitched out a "Welcome" bouquet design that was part of a class - will photograph once I get it made into either a pillow or a small quilt.

till later ~~ Dene


Ruthie said...

Mary - Those pillows are beautiful.

Yvette said...

I just came across this post as I was searching for these particular designs. After seeing your pillows I immediately purchased this CD so I can try it when my new Bernina comes in this weekend.