Friday, March 28, 2008

Attack of the rotary cutter

In my many, many years of quilting ... after using a rotary cutter since they were first introduced (in 1979), I've finally had my first serious accident. Envision a new sharp blade, a distracting podcast, a tired quilter who had spent the morning doing a software lesson, and ... well, you get it. I'm very lucky that I only sliced the very tip of my thumb off and won't have any permanent damage. It is hard to sew now, though. I've not tried knitting.

The project was a digitizing exercise using the applique tools on my Designer software. I was finishing the project when the accident happened. Here is were it is at the moment - binding to be added tomorrow.

Now, after looking at the design carefully, I've decided my "leaf" is so misshapen that it actually looks like a thumb - Freudian slip? Not sure how or if I will fix it :)

Anyway, this was one of those learning projects and I think I learned more than just the program - like KEEP YOUR BODY PARTS AWAY FROM RAZORS!

till later ~~ Dene

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