Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Current progress on first baby quilt. The top 1/3 is pieced with the other 2 strips partially pieced. No matter how long you stare at something, inevitably you miss something "major" or at least you think it is major since you know it is there and your eye goes to the mistake immediately.

This quilt is random scrappy blocks. It sounds easier than it actually is because you don't want the same piece of fabric grouped together. I stared at this setting and totally missed the error. Can you see it? Check here:
Still can't see it? Try this:

Yep, the same fabric 4 times in one row. Arrrrrgh! (stop laughing Lauren and Pat!)

So, I'll do a bit of "unsewing" and insert 2 different blocks to make up for my mistake. But that will be tomorrow after I get some sleep. I can be taught not to tackle mistakes when tired!

BTW - the larger white blocks will have Sunbonnet Sue embroidery in them eventually :)

till later ~~ Dene


Lauren said...

Well I didn't actually SEE it 'til you practically pointed me right to it.

And I didn't laugh....until you told me NOT to ;-)

LOVE the repro's....I think I have a quilt made from repro fabs lurking somewhere in my subconscious, trying to get out!

Mem said...

I picked the mistake as I have done a similar thing. However only you would really notice. I love the fabrics. So clean and fresh.