Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sockapaloooza Mail Day

Today is the day! All the Sockapaloooza's out there are off to the post office to mail their packages to their secret pal. I've already received my package since it was mailed early from England. I'll post a picture very soon - they are quite wonderful and I have to take them off my feet to photograph!

But today I wanted to share what was going into my package to my pal in Minnisota (that is all the hint you will get). Anyone that has read this blog a while will know that I attempted about 5 pairs of socks before finally settling down with one pair. And no, it isn't the Pomatomus Socks that I blogged about from California. I got the cuff done and discovered that while the pattern is very interesting, it is also very holey and not very stretchy. So rip them I did. I used the same yarn to cast on a pair that I felt would fit better (being a rib) and I love them. I hope my pal does also.

Here is what is in the package:

There are 2 postcards there because the socks were knit in both California and Texas (and all other states I passed over in the airplane.) They were cast on in Campbell, CA, knit on also in San Jose, CA and Pinehurst TX. Also included are some Texas pecan pralines .. yumnmm!

Pattern: My own adaptation of the Yarn Over Cables from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.
Yarn: Opal Cool Ocean #223
Details: US Size 1 bamboo double-point needles. Traditional heel flap and toe.

I'm hoping they fit!

till later ~~ Dene

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Dave said...

Those socks look great! The color and the pattern are a wonderful match.