Sunday, May 07, 2006

Is polygamy a good thing?

I just joined this:

And this is how they listed me:

Project polygamy - is it a good thing? Actually, I'm working on 2 lace projects at the moment. I'm plugging along on the Print o' the Waves stole - 60 border repeats left. I also have completed one of the Opal Masterpiece socks in the lacy Angel's Peak pattern. You can't see it with the busyness of the yarn pattern, though.

Till later ~~ Dene


Elspeth said...

You're making us look bad with your 16 socks done this year! Of course you'd be in with the "multiple teammates" ;)

Opal said...

It's a very good question. Also if you do decide to be polygamous, exactly what is the best number to make a happy home? I hear a lot of people enjoy threesomes... ;-)