Saturday, May 20, 2006

Big Love

For the Amazing Lace knit-along, I'm listed as having "Multiple Teammates". Since I'm self-admitted as being a project polygamist, then I might as well come out-of-the-closet and flash my teammates. Each has their own personality and satisfies in various ways *smile*
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Teammate #1 - Print O' The Waves Stole
This lover is dark and mysterious. It was originally my Knitter's Olympic project but there was an error in the pattern (correction here") and I ended up with a Bode Miller moment and didn't finish. The correction was mysterious until the pattern author came through with a correction. I'm almost done with this project lacking only 20 repeats of the edge pattern. Slow and sure for this dark project.

Teammate #2 - Mountain Stream Scarf
This lover is the exact opposite of the Print O' The Waves. She is bright (PINK! Yikes!), flirty and bold. The yarn is kid mohair and is new and exciting as I've never knit with mohair before. Not something I would have picked out for myself, the yarn was gifted to me. The pattern is simply FUN and holds my attention. When I first received the yarn and pattern, I had to abandon all my other lovers for this lovely flirt of a project.

Teammate #3 - Triangular Lace Shawl
This lover is plain, steady, and faithful. Since the shawl is done in one motif, there isn't much to hold my attention. But it is always there quietly begging for attention. The pattern is from the Needlecraft University class that I took and didn't finish. The yarn is Merino Oro and is quite lovely to work with. The needles are Addi Turbo's that I've decided I hate for lace so I'll have to find another pair of needles to work this project on. I'm determined to finish this lovely, faithful teammate.

Teammate #4 - Fox Island Vest
This lover caught my eye at Stitches West last winter in the Black Water Abbey booth. Perfect for the Texas weather, this teammate promises to be interesting and fun to knit. The yarn is BWA's laceweight in natural so this vest will go with most anything I wear. I've not started the project yet so it will be a late summer knit after all the other demanding teammates are silenced.

Teammate #5 - Faroese Shawl
Elusive and flirty, this teammate has yet to show herself totally to me. I know it will be from this wonderful book - Stahman's Shawls and Scarfs. Which one has yet to be revealed. I feel like a kid in a candy shop! I have plenty of wool yarn from an impulse buy at Stitches West that I'm toying with dying before I choose a project.

Teammate #6 - Unknown project
Hiding in the shadows is this wonderful Knit Picks Shimmer yarn that was gifted to me. I have 4 skeins and have yet to settle on a project for this wonderful lace-weight yarn. Maybe a intricate scarf? Maybe a garter-stitch shawl? Something for myself or my mother? It will keep flirting with me until I finally seize the yarn and start something.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my teammates for this summer. They will have to share my time with my sock knitting and vacation but I'm sure they will beg for attention that I'll be able to finish several. I'm going to be tired!

Till Later ~~ Dene


Kirsten said...

My, my you do get around! At least you are honest with them, and let them know from the get-go that they are not your only love.

Marguerite said...

WOW, you sure are going to be busy making yarn overs this summer.

I'll be watching to see what you knit from the Stahman book. I'm just finishing up Barbara and love it. I want to do another Faroese but haven't picked yarn or pattern yet.

Maureen said...

Wow! Look at all those team members! You look like you will have a wonderful summer of lace! Can't wait to see all the projects grow!

cindi said...

Your teammates are all lovely! I hope there's not too much jealousy among them!

Theresa said...

Wow - ambitious!

Jodie said...

That's a ton of projects. I'm on the edging of my print o' the wave and I think I'm going to do an Icarus next, but not sure. Enjoy the Pacific NW!

Dave said...

Pit stop check up: Beautiful collection of projects -- how are they coming along? Has the Print of the Waves been finished? Any progress to report?