Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

It is Cinco de Mayo! I'm so happy this week is over. I've not been feeling well all weekend but things are looking up :)

A big THANK YOU to my Sockapaloooza pal Jane in London ENGLAND! Yes! I was one of the fortunate folks that got a pair of International Sockapaloooza pal. I was so excited when I received the package. The socks are so lovely and fit like a glove. I really like lace - especially in Texas! And the waves are groovy :)

As you can see, the package of Cadbury eggs is fairly flat - actually it is empty. They sure were good!! The oragami birds are in celebration of Project Spectrum and will hang from my bookcase above my computer monitor. The pattern is "Falling Leaves" from and the yarn is Opal. Thank you so much Jane!

The second pair I'd like to show you are my Dreamcatcher socks that I finished on the 3rd.

Yarn is Opal Dreamcatcher 1230 and the pattern is my own (k5,p1 rib). Notice how close they match? :: does happy dance:: I knit these on US size 1 bamboo double points.

Only 71 more lace chart repeats to finish my Print 'o the waves stole. I worked about 8 last night and then switch to my Masterpiece socks that took less concentration. I'm going to try the same Falling Leaves pattern that Jane used but from the cuff down instead of toe up. I'll see if it works.

Till later ~~ Dene


Marguerite said...

Gorgeous socks - both pair. But I especially love that Dreamcatcher.

I like knitting Opal in that wide ribbing, too. It really shows off the beautiful Opal colors.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

I'm so glad they fit! I worried tremendously. They're very well travelled socks now, having been to Norfolk, Essex, London and now Texas.

I've got a hall floor a bit like your wooden floor - I shall have to start using it as a background for photos, since I think it'll turn out better than my sofa. You've inspired me!

aija said...

Lovely dreamcatchers! And your sockapaloooza socks rock, too :)