Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flashing my stash

Cop-out: This is going to take me all day to photo all my stash - sorry isn't it! I have a luncheon at noon and have to hit the post office before that so check back later tonight for the full story!

*as always- click image for larger view*

First off, some of my sock yarn. I store most of my yarn either in my Olfa wire baskets or in plastic bins. So let's go bin by bin:

Bin#1: This is all Opal sock yarn. I can't tell you how much I love this yarn. The socks I knit 3 years ago are still going strong. I was pleased when they finally came out with some solids and colors that didn't include black. I was tired of black/jacguard self-stripes. I have tons of it in this photo. ~~~ Total for this bin - 35 skeins for 35 pairs of socks.

Bin #2: The left 15 skeins are Opal (that makes a total of 50 skeins of just Opal!). Next row - down front are 2 skeins of Flotte Socke that I received as a gift from a friend in Norway. Above that is a skein of Opal Handpainted in color #13. I've frogged this yarn several times and it still hasn't told me what it wants to be. Above that and extending along the top are 3 skeins of Trekking XXL. The spring color and blues will be socks for me. The olive will be for my son. On the right bottom (hiding) are 2 skeins of Koigu in blue/white. Above that are 3 skeins of Sweet Feet sock yarn from Hill Country Yarn in honey butter, grape crush and Gig'Em (Texas A&M Aggies). ~~~ Total for this bin - 26 skeins for 25 pairs of socks.

:: head swimming :::

More later when I get back. ~~~ Dene

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