Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sockapalooza answers

My secret pal for Sockapaloooza writes:
I've chosen the yarn for your Sockapalooza socks (I'm waiting for it to turn up at the moment), and a pattern: but, when you say you have a round heel, how does this translate into the sort of sock heel that you like to wear, please? And how long is calf length (I'm 5' 5.5", so I suspect that my calf is a different length from yours... since your feet are way longer than mine!)?
Take care

Oh! I love that she is asking questions on exactly what I want – I’m sorry it took me so long to reply :(

I’m not real picky on socks – as long as they don’t fall down or bunch in my shoes I tend to like them. I’ve experimented with a lot of different sock heels and the ones I tend to use over and over are the traditional heel-flap and gusset. I usually do half my stitches for the flap for about 2.5 inches, then do traditional short row shaping, knitting 2 stitches past the center then decreasing if that makes sense. I usually pick up about 18 stitches on the side of the flap if I'm using fingerling weight yarn and size 1 needles. This results in a heel that isn’t too pointy and is round.

As far as the calf length, I do everything from 8 inches down. The ones I have one now are 6 inches. I would even wear tennis socks :)

Thanks for asking and I'm so excited you are knitting for me :)

I bought the yarn for my sock-pal this weekend at Stitches West. I need to leaf through my sock books at home and find a pattern now.

Till later ~~ Dene

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Anonymous said...

And then of course, I fail to come back and check for over a week.

That makes much more sense to me; I can do heel flaps!

Thank you

Secret Sock Pal