Sunday, February 19, 2006

A promise of home

Tomorrow is the day I get to fly home! YEAH! As much as I love California, 22 days is stretching things a bit. Plus, I’ve not seen my husband since January 11th and he is waiting patiently for me in Texas.

The icing on the cake for my visit, though, was Stitches West. I stayed over purposely so that I could attend on Saturday. My credit card is still smoking and I had to UPS my haul home since it would have surely put my luggage over-weight. I won’t detail what all I bought since it is now on its way to Houston but I will post pictures when I get the package at home. Just say I have enough for 2 more pairs of socks (Socks that Rock), 2 sweaters, and a lace vest (Black Water Abby laceweight). It was a wonderful show and I will be considering the Stitches East show this fall.

I’m behind on blogging, on the ABC-along (C will be for California for sure), my Olympic knitting (1.5 days behind) and a few other things but all will be good once I can get home, take a bubble bath in the whirlpool and general deflate from this trip. It will be wonderful to sleep in my own bed, snuggle with my kitties (yeah hair! The ones here are shorthair Tonks), and catch up with my husband and son.

The trip has been difficult but overall I hope I did some good for a while.

Till later ~~ Dene

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