Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympic Torch

Woot! The Olympics have started and my training is complete. I stood as the torch was lit and held my needles high. I was cheered by millions as all the network cameras were trained on the Lace Knitting Team. We all reveled in our one moment of fame and basked in the winter night in Torino.

At least I did in my dreams as I was asleep when NBC finally showed the torch last night.

I had to work on Friday and it sucked! 5:30am is REALLY 5:30am in California instead of 7:30am in Texas. So instead of being at work at 8am, I had to be at work at 6am. So Friday was a long, long day. Plus the fact that it wasn’t an easy day suddenly made the opening ceremonies an effort to keep my eyes open. I made it through Iceland and then threw in the towel. I’ll watch it streamed on the internet LOL.

But! I did put out an Olympic effort yesterday and met my goals on my Print O’ the Waves stole. About 4pm PT I cast on (lovely red waste yarn LOL) and did the first repeat to establish a pattern and rhythm. Two more repeats (12 rows each) followed for a total of 36 rows. Since I need 34 repeats to finish, I figured if I can get 3 done a day then I’ll be right on schedule with plenty of time to finish the pretty border at the end and block. See my efforts:

Aww the glory, aww the open-ness of my lace, aww I hate this yarn but will preserver! Olympic Gold is within reach.

Till Later ~~ Dene

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