Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Unexpected FO

I love my husband of 30 years but I don't really think he understands my time. Last week he said, "I really don't want to ask but do you by chance have a homemade baby quilt I could give to a friend in Russia?". This was met with my best "You gotta be kidding" stare. Oh sure! I have dozens of quilts made up just ready to gift out to people I don't know - NOT! Nor do I have time to whip one up since he was leaving today to go back overseas.

So, I put on my thinking cap. The husband wants something homemade and I do have some baby socks I had intended to gift to CIC, but that just didn't seem to be enough. Then I rememebered something that I had knit about 6-7 years ago - somewhere in all my craft crap, junk piles stuff upstairs were 2 baby sweaters that I knit and never sewed together. They were made before I discovered the joys of good yarn and are most definately made of cheap acrylic.

So upstairs we go. Now, this is the hard part. When we remodeled the house last year, one of the victims was my craft closet. I had a wonderful 6'x8'closet in my bedroom that housed only my crafting supplies and projects. It was torn out and is now a breezeway between the living room and den. It really opened the house up, but gave me nowhere to put my crap, junk piles stuff. This was all dumped in the unused loft and mixed with all sorts of stuff from other areas of the house. Boxes and boxes of stuff.

Sifting through the boxes I spotted a cable needle I needed for the FLAK - eureka! Then I found my box of crochet hooks that I rescued. My daughter's GS uniform with a patch that needed to be sewn on - wait, she is now 26 yrs old - that can wait..LOL. You get the picture. Nowhere could I find the sweaters till I spotted a familiar yellow canvas bag - there they were.

One solid blue and one variagated pink sweaters emerged from the bag in relatively good shape. The blue one had a few spots on it that I thought would wash out and since the baby was male, I grabbed it to sew up the seams. About an hour later and after a good dunk in some Dawn dish soap, the sweater was out drying.

Nobody told me how long acrylic takes to dry *sigh*. This morning I went out to grab the sweater and wrap it before taking my hubby off to the airport and the thing was still wet. So I dumped it in the dryer. This stuff is indestructable and it came out fine :)

So, my first finished object of 2006 is an old UFO that I knitted 6-7 years ago just so I would have something to pass the time at shows waiting for my cats to be called to the ring. I was hoping it would be somethign glamourous and worthy of much praise, but alas no. But is is a finished object and for that I'm glad.

Now, should I finish the other one?

till later ~~ Dene


Talitha said...

That is a very cute sweater. I don't know why, but I'm eternally fascinated by picot edging on knit items, it just seems so much more planned than a plain old bind off. Hubbies can be hilarious, can't they?

Sharon J said...

Well it may be old and it may be acrylic but that's a really sweet little sweater. ~Sharon

angela said...

I'm not sure if the color is accurate on my monitor or not, but if it is, it's truly lovely! And, it is simply a sweet sweater. :)

Chery said...

I like your little sweater. Glad you found it in the hidden boxes and bags.

Leslie said...

Looks like one of the variations of the famous 5 Hour Baby Sweater - of which I've made a few. I'm glad you found it as acrylic never dies so it may as well get some use.

Congrats on your "stash enhancement" win from Wendy - and gosh, that's one lovely cat. He has fainting down pat - must be a drama gene in the breed, eh?

Chrissy said...

It may be old, and it may be acrylic, but its adorable and will make a new mommy in Russia very happy... good thinking!