Friday, January 06, 2006

Renaissance Sweater - Part 1

New Years resolution (yeah right!) - finish projects, finish projects, etc.

First on the list is my Renaissance Rollneck Pullover that I started last fall. Pattern was a freebie on the net and found on the Classic Elite Yarn site. Yarn is their Renaissance 100% wool - lovely stuff in a medium blue. Very soft and scrunchy. It has a looser twist that I'm use to but I've had no problems with splitting. I'm using bamboo straight needles Size 7. In this photo, I've finished the back and just cast on the front. Pretty mindless knitting but you do have to pay attention to the purls in the previous rows to keep from getting off a stitch or two.

I don't have a lot of time to knit as my work keeps me pretty busy. I did manage to work on the SIL socks last night while watching Mr. Holland's Opus and ER on the TV. I love that movie and tend to watch it whenever it comes on TV, but I also have the DVD for times when I just want an escape type chick-flick. American President and Little Women (the one with Wynona Ryder) are also good escapes for me.

BTW - I discovered my avatar from yesterday *isn't* the ugliest. There are people out there with much more twisted minds than mine .. LOL!

till later ~~ Dene

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