Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Out of the Shadows

There are days when I venture into my knitting drawer and see what I have on my needles that I’ve been neglecting.  Over the weekend I pulled everything out and made some decisions.

Shadow of Love socks from the 6 Sox Knitalong group in dark/light pink – frogged.  It is a cute pattern but a bit too cute for my 50+ year tastes and I’m sure my daughter would never wear them.  So into the frog pond they went.

Triangular Lace Shawl from NeedleCraft University in Merino Oro – will finish.  I like this yarn and the pattern – it just gets a bit boring after a while.  

Mystery Shawl 2 from the MysteryShawlAlong group in Misti Alpaca – frogged.  I finished through step 3 and didn’t like the results.  I’m going to try Mystery Shawl 3 and see if I like that one better.

Stashbuster Spirals from the 6 Sox Knitalong group in 3 shades of rag cotton/wool – will finish, I think.  I love the way the colors come together on this one, just not real happy with the heel, so I’ve changed it to cuff down with a regular flap heel.  The jury still out on this one.

Jaywalker socks in Koigu – turned heel on second sock. Will finish

Renaissance Rollneck Pullover in Classic Elite Renaissance wool – will finish.  I’m almost to the armholes on the front with the back done.

FLAK Aran sweater in Elann Peruvian Highland Wool – will finish.  We just got the instructions for the back today.

Ribbed cotton socks in Fixation – will finish.  These are my ‘mindless knitting’ socks that can go places with me.

So that is what is in my drawer at the moment.  Now I just need to ignore the stash yarn that keeps calling me to CAST ON something different till these are done.

Till later ~~ Dene

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