Sunday, June 22, 2008


It has been over 2 1/2 months since I've updated the blog. Life comes at me fast sometimes.

Let's see - biggest news is that I'm no longer episcopalian. On April 20th, about 80% of my church family (over 500 people) took a stand against the national church's abandonment of Biblical principals and walked out of Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Tomball Texas. We quickly formed St. Timothy's Anglican Church and this is where most of my time has been going since then. Since we left all of the church's physical property, I've been working on sewing new things for the church including acolyte albs. I've also embroidered over 100 polo shirts to sell for the building fund. It has been a very busy time but also very fulfilling to see God's hand working in our church family and the community of Tomball.

The other big news is that I just returned from vacation. I'll post vacation pictures once I get them uploaded to Flickr. We went up to Mt. Rainier for a few days (in the middle of a snowstorm) and then on a 7 day Alaska cruise (in the middle of unseasonable clear weather). It was a great cruise and we managed to pick great excursions this time and saw amazing things.

But .... what the heck???? We were on the Celebrity Infinity which was decorated in modern art everywhere.

On the stairway landings there was art stuck in a little nook - each stairway was different. Example - there was this and this:

And then there was this!

Let's look closer:

Art of a guy holding a Pfaff sewing machine? So much for getting away from sewing machines on vacation!

But on the other hand, I found quilt shops in 3 of our ports and came home with fabric for several quilts and small projects. I also found yarn in 2 ports and bought lace and sock weight yarn dyed by local artists. Stash photos to follow.

Till later ~~~ Dene


chris miller said...

Hi Mary,

I have a question for you. I'm the one who wrote about your Star of Wonder CD on CJ's yahoo list. I noticed that in your blog you mention doing the Bethlehem design in your mega hoop. The design is 2.77 x 6.85 which will fit in a regular hoop. I'm assuming you enlarged it for the mega hoop. Am I correct?

Chris in Idaho :-)

Mary aka "Denebir" or just plain "Dene" said...

Yes, I did enlarge the designs for the pillows. I bought a kit for
the Bethlehem pillow and the instructions said to enlarge the design
by 178%. I enlarged the other designs by the same percentage for the
other pillows.

Hope this helps!

chris miller said...

Thank you!