Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Stalked the Stalker ....

But I did not stalk the deputy ..... Sing with me!

I know I've been gone way too long but I blame Stalker Angie. You see, I *SCORED* several weeks ago by stalking the famous Knitter Stalker when she came to Katy. I was waiting for her to post her story because .. well, she tells it better than I could ever do it.

So from my perspective
.. she was late but that didn't surprise me.
.. I was waiting in ambush and she did look surprised to the point I almost thought I'd made a false ID on her.
.. she didn't remember who the heck I was. I had stood behind her in the Harlot line in Austin but we were separated by about 5 other knitters and really didn't converse. But I knew who she was because I'm a fabulous stalker .... errr... Stephanie called her by name.. LOL.
.. this gal loves yarn! We pawed through a lot of yarn in Yarntopia and she forced me to purchase enough cotton to make a lace shell. Yeah, talk about twisting your arm - STalker Angie can do that.
.. she is lovely - one of the nicest person you could know. Check out her blog report - I totally agree with her perspective. There are no ugly knitters!
.. And yes! we do need to get together again next time your in this neck of the woods or I'm in yours.

So anyway, what else have I been up to? Well... one word - work! I won't go into detail but there is a certain nameless client that is driving me bonkers. So not much knitting time. But what I have done is finished a bunch of projects. I took stock and I had 10 pairs of socks started - oy! TEN pairs! I decided to dive in and finish the ones that at least had one sock done. I finished 3 pairs that way. Pictures pending.

Then "that urge" happened .. NO, not that one - husband is overseas - the one where you just got to start something new. I found the Forest Canopy Shoulder shawl on Susan's site and knew I just had to dive in. I had several skeins of Mnt. Color Weaver's Wool Quarters in my stash so I grabbed a color called LadySlipper and cast on last Friday. It is a quick knit and I would have been done with it by now but I decided to use up all the yarn and added some body repeats. It is truly a one skein wonder. Pictures pending (yeah, I know, I'm lazy about shooting them).

That is about it. I've been doing really good about getting up at 6:15am every morning and hitting the church for morning prayer and then walking for exercise right afterwards. Now if only that box of Cheez-It would stop calling out to me *sigh*.

Till Later ~~ Dene


Stalker Angie said...

Well if I had known you were waiting on me...nah, I still woulda been long in posting. Work. Le Sigh. Well, so I've been to the Katy yarn store so yeah, me thinks I need to make a trip to Spring to see THOSE yarn stores since I'm probably closer to you than I am Katy. I smell a Saturday luncheon yarn crawl. Sweet!

aija said...

LOL, I have that song in my head now! :)