Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Swatching Gracie

I'm planning ahead and trying to make some decisions on the Gracie shawl that I want to knit. This is a beautiful Faroese shawl from Myrna Stahman's book Stahman's Shawls and Seaman Scarfs. Opinions are welcomed (click for larger image).

Yarn - Jojoland Wool Yarn fingering weight - 22 WPI - fingering weight

Top swatch was done on size 7 needles. I liked this swatch best unblocked but now that I blocked it (a bit too severly), it seems more open and floppy. In Texas, this might be an advantage

Bottom swatch was done on size 4 needles. Unblocked I thought it was too dense and firm, but it opened up a bit with blocking.

What does everyone else think?

till later ~~ Dene


Cathy said...

Size 7s will work faster and make a bigger shawl!
Nice work!

Marguerite said...

They're both very pretty. It's really a personal preference question.

I went through the same thing with my linen fingering weight Barbara shawl from the same book and went with the 4s. Took pictures this morning and will be posting them later on today.

Love the Stahman book and all the patterns in it.

enallagma9 said...

I like the size 7 swatch, but if it's really floppy when blocked, try size 6 (helpful, aren't I?).

And thaty's a beautiful pattern - have fun knitting it!

-from a sister Amazing Lacer