Sunday, March 05, 2006


My apologies for my absence and there is no excuse that I’ve not kept up but sometimes life gets in the way. Or maybe it doesn’t but sometimes I don’t have the energy or drive to post. So, for now I’m going to try to catch up :(

First off is the ABC along. Everyone else is on E, I’m on C. So here goes!

C is for California!

About 2 weeks ago, I returned from 3 weeks in California. This state has a certain tie to me although I haven’t established this state as “home”. I’ve never lived there (can’t afford it!) but I’ve worked there since 1998. The company where I tele-commute is now located in Los Gatos. I started out as a contractor for them 7.5 years ago and am now working on the corporate level. Good people, interesting work, crazy state.

I come home to Texas and regale my husband with stories about this crazy state. His only comment is “only in California”. Things like – there are no drive-in fast food restaurants! It isn’t fast food unless you can order it from your car! Maybe it is the price of land that prevents burger joints from adding a take out window – I don’t know. The weather is crazy also. One day while I was there it snowed – yes SNOWED – in San Jose. Excuse me?

Don’t get me wrong – I love to visit California. I live in a flat place – Texas coastal plain. I love waking up and looking out the window at hills. To me, they are mountains, but they are really hills. And snow on top of them! I find a peace looking at nature’s beauty. And driving through them gives me a feeling of peace and awe. I particularly like the drive from San Jose to Santa Cruz along highway 17. I didn’t get to do that drive this year but did get down to downtown Los Gatos where it is also gorgeous.

Speaking of Los Gatos, I was able to visit the yarn shop there – Yarn Dogs. It was a cute shop with lots and lots of novelty yarn. I know they were preparing to go to Stitches West at the time and may not have been stocking fully but I didn’t find anything there that yelled “Buy Me”. So I just purchased some Addi Turbo’s that I needed. I’ll return, though, next time I’m out.

Now on to D!

Till Later ~~ Dene


Maureen said...

No need to apologize for being absent! I had to chuckle when you mentioned visiting the Yarn store called Yarn Dogs while you were in Los Gatos (the Cats!)

Anonymous said...

We do have drive thru for fast food! Are you kidding? Californians live in their cars!

Elspeth said...

Southern Calif. has most of the drive thrus, but we do have a lot of the same -- Wendy's, McDonald's, etc. What makes me mad is no drive thru banks! I had a friend who knew all the drive thrus in the Peninsula because her son would only sleep in the car, and there weren't that many.

I haven't tried Yarn Dogs yet, but I'm glad to hear I shouldn't make a trip necessarily.