Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back in the Mother-Land

I'm in San Jose at the moment and having an interesting time :)

My flight out here from Houston was awsome! The weather was beautiful (although a bit turbulant) and I was able to snag a business class seat on a row where I was the only person - so was able to spread out. I had downloaded an audio book to listen to on my iPod (Prayer by Richard Foster) and had my Jaywalker socks on the needles. It was very relaxing :)

When we were just crossing over into California, the pilot announced that San Jose asked that he slow down since they were backed up there. So he circled over Yosemite Park and took us on a guided tour from above. What a glorious place with all the waterfalls and snow. It was really fun!

Since I've been here it has been a non-stop marathon. I drove 7 round trips for my friend yesterday getting people where they needed to be. Things will be better once we figure out long term transportation solutions. But don't feel bad for me - the car I'm driving is a Jaguar S Type Coupe. A big upgrade from my Buick at home .. LOL.

I had a wonderful email from Diann in San Jose inviting me to lunch and to her stitching group on Wednesdays. I hope once things settle down a bit I can get out and meet some of the local knitters. And I *may* still be around for Stitches West later in February. Needles crossed!

Till later ~~ Dene

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Birdsong said...

Now that tour must have been something... I just love flying over the Sierras and getting that "big picture" sense of the mountains.